Aleksandrs Neberekutins

Alexander Neberekuin was born in 1962г. In 1974 -1979 studied in drawing and painting 

V.F. Rakitjanskogo's studio.  In Russia  continued in M. E Tkacheva studio ЗХР  and in

different studios of Leningrad. All his free time he spent in The Russian Museum and in

The State Hermitage Museum studying and copying masterpieces of the best world

artists. The painter E.E.Moiseenko and the sculptor Anikushin 1979-1982 were Alexader's

advisers. The artist lives in Riga since 1984. He regulary participates in the international

exhibitions and Plein Airs, he also had about 20 solo exhibitions, his works often appear

in Latvian auctions. The painter works in different genres, in oil and a watercolour techniques. His works are found in private collections of the West and Europe. He cooperates with several galleries of Riga, travels a lot in order to get new impressions for paintng.