Gundega Dege

She have born in 1971, in Latvia, in small town Ogre, finished secondary school here and

afterwards studied in university and got BA degree in English philology - in the capital of

Latvia - Riga. During school time she learned in art school and took part in several young

painters’ competitions. Her every day work is public relations and photojournalism.

I started photography 2 years ago more seriously, when she together with her husband

bought their first dsrl. Since that she started to post her photos in different web sites in

connection with photos, such as and Since that time Gundega

also started to post my photos in different contests, in local and also in international, got the first prize in local photo contest 'maja' in 2004, the prize in local photo contest “Redzi Rigu” and got the 1 rst and 2 nd prize in the international youth photo contest ' Cantabria + 10' . Together with her husband , make 2 photo exhibitions in local town in 2005. As well as made together with him one-day excibition in the capital of Latvia Riga - in youth club ' Depo' . She is married and her husband is also photographer, they have 2 children who very often are their models, they have 2 - daughter - Linda , she is 8, and son - Daniels (6). The area of the photography are - people, portraits, people portraits in nature, most favourite - children, as well as abstract things, photo manipulation as well as natural photos, the photografer prefers more BW photos. In fact she hasn’t changed her areas since the very beginning its people, she has never focused on for instance - birds, landscapes, animals...because she prefers human feelings, human emotions and that’s why she shows people in her works. her heroes are people around, Gundega very often photographs her 2 children, gets inspiration from her everyday, from events around, from music she listens, just sometimes from her emotions how she feel or how other people feel around her, that’s why some of her photos may look depressive or black, because she tries to show the saddest side of our life, there are so many unhappy people around us nowadays - many poor and homeless. As she told before, she prefers to focus on human things in general, Gundega cant see the picture, the scene for instance of the bird or the cat, cant feel them, the same goes to still life, sports and landscape photography, the things that touches her is - human relations, the life around, that’s why she focus on portraits. She is very much inspired from Jan Saudek, that’s why some of her portraits maybe seams to people weird, she very rare show such called ' classical beautiful ' portraits, she likes to watch deeper, the portrait is not only the eyes, the lips, the expression, but this is the look in soul. To her to shoot the portraits - she needs time, the model and the idea, although sometimes ideas arise when she started post processing of the photography in computer.