Nele Zirnite

Nele Zirnite was born in Lithuania in 1959.

Studied from 1978 to 1982 at Vilnius Art Institute ( Lithuania )

and from 1982 to 1984 at Latvian Academy of Arts ( Riga, Latvia ).

Since 1988 is member of Union of Artists of Latvia.  

Since 1985 - teacher of graphic art.

Presently employs etching technique in her works.

Participated in various art Exhibitions in Europe and USA and has many awards.

Her works was distinct and placed in Album " The Best of Printmaking",

Rockport Publishers - Gloucester, USA, where placed works of 250 best graphic

Authors from all World.

Nele Zirnite is one of the best Latvian print artists. She is working in etching technique. Artist was born in Lithuania in 1959 but since 1982 when she came to study in Art Academy of Latvia based in Riga. She have been giving a great impact of the development of etching technique not only by making experiments in this field, but also working as pedagogue, teaching the young graphic art students (1995 – 2003 Lecturer, Graphic Arts Department, Latvian Art Academy; since 2003 Associate Professor, Art Department, Latvian Christian Academy) and performing in C/O “Grafikas kamera” (she is a member of the board) and leading the Etching studio in the Union of Latvian Artists (member since 1988).

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009 - Reservoir of Time, Solo - Exhibition, National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia

2008 – Nele Zirnite Solo-Exhibition, Xativa, Spain

2008 – Meiles slenis – galerija „Dalia”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2007 – NEXUS – Riga’s Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2007 – Art Gallery of Mary Olla Miller, Panama City, FL, USA

2006 – NEXUS, Gallery ARTima, Vilnius, Lithuania

2005 – NEXUS, Ciurlionio Youth Cultural Centre, Chicago, USA

2004 – Graphic, Gallery BAS, Naperville, USA

2003 – Nele Zirnite: Gravure a l’eau forte, Paloma Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

2003 – Etchings by Nele Zirnite, Monroe County Community College Library, Monroe, MI, USA

Selected Awards

2007 – 1st Prize, IX “Josep de Ribera ”International Biennale of Engraving, Xativa 2007”, Spain, Valencia

2005 – Grand Prix Biennial of small graphics, GRAFIX, Breclav, Czechia

2003 – Award and Prize - Professional performing in exhibition of Small forms of Art, Gallery Riga, Latvia

1998 – Prize, Riga in Contemporary Art, Bastejs Gallery, Riga, Latvia

1998 – Grand prize award, Miniature Art, R. Vitols, Valmiera, Latvia

1997 – Riga City Council Award for Contemporary Art, Riga, Riga, Latvia