Kristīne Jansone


December 26, 1973


Bachelor’s degree, unfinished master’s degree

2000-: Master’s degree studies in graphic art, Latvian Academy of Art

1995-2000:  Bachelor’s degree studies in graphic art, Latvian Academy of Art, bachelor’s degree

1990-1995:  Fashion design studies at the Rīga College of Applied Art

Creative work

From 2000:  Joint and group exhibitions, work in interior design


Kristīne Jansone was born into a bilingual family in 1973, and her childhood was spent in a joyous atmosphere of internationalism.  Her best memories relate to annual summer trips to Kyiv, where her maternal grandparents lived.  The table was always set with exotic fruits and other delicacies that were uncommon in the USSR.  Kristīne always ate too much, irrespective of whether she spent time alone with a box of bananas or drank three litres of tomato juice.  Her paternal grandparents came from Latgale and taught her crafts and a sense of style.  This was particularly true of her father’s godmother, who was an ordinary seamstress in a fur shop, but always was chic in her dress – a suit, a lacy blouse, a purse, shoes, a fur coat and a muff.  Everything was harmonised and refined in line with her own style.  The woman had no children of her own.  Relatives in Rīga had an influence on Kristīne in synthesis with what she had learned about clothing in Kyiv.  Those relatives were wealthy and wore fine clothes, and so the first painting which Kristīne produced at the age of nine featured clothing – a young girl in a Ukrainian folk costume (the only surprising thing is that it was not about food).

Childhood was perfect for Kristīne, but inevitably she reached her transitional age, finding new ideas and understandings about various things such as relationships and her own being.  What’s more, all of that happened against the background of raging hormones.  To put it briefly, her greatest achievement during that period was to stay alive, though she lacked any motivation to do so.

The consequences of puberty were addressed in part by art-related activities, and Kristīne closely linked her life to art.  She studied fashion design at the Rīga College of Applied Art, and then she went on to the Latvian Academy of Art, where she is pursuing a master’s degree in graphic art.

Having felt incomplete as a young girl, Kristīne has always tried to be better, to get a better scholarship, and to study more than academic requirements demand.  Her great efforts sometimes led to nervous breakdowns. She left the completion of her master’s degree for several years, but her studies at the academy did lead to something which completely changed her life.  Kristīne met Sergejs Djomins.  At first she had to teach him to draw and paint, but then she became the most passionate fan of his paintings and even married him.  Kristīne’s entire life was closely linked to Sergejs’.  They have lived together, created art together and worked shoulder to shoulder for 15 years now.  To a great extent, Kristīne’s artistic ambitions are brought to life in Djomins’ work.  She has made a great investment, beginning with preparation of the canvas and ending with the final layer of lacquer and the organisation of exhibitions.  For that reason, Kristīne has left her own artistic expressions to moments of inspiration, as opposed to routine or “everyday work” (her “everyday work” relates to designs which help to improve the aesthetics of other people’s lives).  That allows her art to be only art, without any obligations or forced work.